Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cucuzza Squash

Cucuzza Squash

Cucu-what? Cucuzza squash - it's an Italian squash that looks like a baseball bat. The one I got was about 3'long and bright green!

What do you do with it, you may ask. Well, it is a squash - so anything you do with zucchini, you can do with cucuzza, right? Pretty much. When sliced and eaten raw, it tastes sort of like a cross between a cucumber and a zucchini. It does this weird "sweating" thing when sliced too - sort of like oily sweat droplets... (weird)

So, what to do with 3' worth of squash? Here's the first thing I did:

Chocolate Cucuzza Cake

This was probably the most moist cake I've ever had - yummy!

And here is the 2nd thing I did with it:

Pork Chops topped with Cucuzza Stew

These were delicious!

If you want recipes for either of these - just let me know!

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